So you want to vend our Friday Night Market

FAQ for night market

Have you applied? 

have you gotten confirmation?


pay your sliding scale fees and show UP!


Our night market is designed to create enough extra revenue in a few months of doing Fridays and your weekend events, that your growth is exponential. It may allow you to create a business of your own that is sustainable or make your art your career, or get that storefront you always dreamed of. Amelia from QueerShoppe has over 10 years of entrepreneurial, and creatives coaching experience and this market is neurodivergent, disability, and trans and POC lead, and centered by design.

All are welcome. Be cool. 


we recognize you may be coming from work, juggling childcare (kids are welcome!) and feel “not ready”. Come anyway!

if you’re low on spoons, tell us, and we will help you with load/in/out

We are ready for you at 4pm

If your set up takes a full hour come at 4pm if you can- market begins at 5pm and goes til 9 or whenever the group consensus calls it a night.

Spaces are assigned as much as possible according to what makes sense for flow, and what feels good for everyone so there are no pre-assigned spots unless you particularly want one and we’ll do our very best to grant y’all that location.


Tell your friends!

The very best nights at market have not necessarily looked busy, but we had a steady flow of our friends coming through to support, and they end up, not necessarily buying from us, but definitely buying from other vendors and those other vendors’ friends will buy from you.

a couple texts go a long way and if you include the flier, people are more likely to send it to other friends  


Here’s the Facebook event link (old ppl have money and use fb, so should you)


Follow the event IG


Suggested hashtags: #thingstodoinsacramento #sacramentomaker #sacramentoartist #smallbusinesssacramento