Article Jen Fluevog Mary Jane

Article Jen Fluevog Mary Jane

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>>>>>>On Hold for Christina<<<<<

Speaking of Christinas…

One time I got locked into the hustler club store on Sunset and looked up to be surrounded by security and right behind me was XTINA Aguillara. 

I got a glimpse of her head to toe.


Or rather, toe to head. 

Her Louboutins were too big.

She was SWIMMING in them. 

Who’s her stylist? Hire me instead.

The second thing was an XTINA tattoo on her neck.

Red and shiny and fresh.


I don’t know why, but I suddenly blew on her new ink as I walked by. 

Saw the whole thing in tabloids the next morning.

”Christina gets new tattoo” kinda stuff…


Nothing about me blowing on her neck. 

I don’t think even she knows about that private moment I had with her.